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Month – July 2016

I Am Jazz S02E08 Teenage Angst and Broken Hearts

I Am Jazz Season 02, Episode 08 – “Teenage Angst and Broken Hearts” Jazz goes on her first real date with a boy, causing the family to wonder if it could be serious. Meanwhile, the Jennings’ harasser is identified, but Greg and Jeanette can’t decide what action to take.

Private Eyes S01E10 Family Jewels

Private Eyes Season 1, Episode 10 – “Family Jewels” A brazen jewelry heist throws Shade and Angie into the wild world of weddings, and forces them to go undercover as an engaged couple in love.

Chelsea S01E32

Chelsea Season 01, Episode 32 – This Is My Home Chelsea rents her house out to a Filipino family on Airbnb, Jay Leno relives a hairy crash, and actress Gillian Jacobs shares a terror of improv.

Full Steam Ahead 2016 S01E02

Full Steam Ahead 2016 Series 01, Episode 02 The team are at Beamish in County Durham to look at how railway companies started to develop ways of moving people, rather than just stone, coal and iron, around the country.

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