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Month – October 2016

Blunt Talk S02E05

Blunt Talk Season 02, Episode 05 – “It’s Been Months Since I Kidnapped You” Walter and the team visit a local jail to interview Duncan Adler; a one-night fling gives Jim newfound confidence.

Once Upon a Time S06E06 Dark Waters

Once Upon a Time Season 06, Episode 06 – “Dark Waters” Emma tries to convince Aladdin to work with Jasmine to help Agrabah, while Regina teams up with Snow and David to free Archie from Zelena. The Evil Queen sows suspicion between Henry and Hook, even as Mr. Gold reminds her of his most important […]

SpongeBob SquarePants S10E01a Whirly Brains

SpongeBob SquarePants Season 10, Episode 01a – Whirly Brains After buying a new product called “Whirly Brains”, SpongeBob and Patrick fly their brains around like drones and get hooked on the fad, until their, as well as many others’ brains get captured by a grumpy old man.

Meet The Parents UK S01E03

Meet The Parents UK Season 01, Episode 03 In their quest to find love, nothing is off limits, as the picker looking for romance gets to ask their potential suitors’ parents anything. Mum and dad then get busy spilling the beans, on everything from their off-spring’s relationship history and grooming habits, to questionable celebrity crushes […]

Nightmare Next Door S10E09 Only the Good

Nightmare Next Door Season 10, Episode 09 – ”Only the Good” In the quiet suburb of Cordova Tennessee, Jimmy McClain is living a good life as a teacher and coach at a local high school. Until a February morning, police find him assassinated in his home. With a laundry list of suspects, whose motive is […]

Doomsday-10 Ways the World Will End S01E07 Gamma Ray Burst

Doomsday-10 Ways the World Will End Season 01, Episode 07 – “Gamma Ray Burst” The most powerful blast of cosmic radiation in the Universe is just seconds from slamming into Planet Earth. When a gamma ray burst from two colliding stars hits the atmosphere, the deadly radiation delivers agonizing death and immediately wipes out half […]

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