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A Haunting

A Haunting S09E08 Dangerous Games

A Haunting Season 09, Episode 08 – ”Dangerous Games” Communicating with a ghost is a pleasant experience for three siblings until it opens a door for all spirits—good and evil. .

A Haunting S09E07 Mothers Terror

A Haunting Season 09, Episode 07 – ”Mother’s Terror” A woman buys a fixer-upper on Long Island after her firefighter husband dies in the line of duty, but the renovations uncover evidence of a dark history on the property.

A Haunting S09E06 Fear Feeders

A Haunting Season 09, Episode 06 – ”Fear Feeders” A man moves into a house that’s believed to be haunted by dark entities that have been preying on the property’s residents for years.

A Haunting S09E05 Ghost Protector

A Haunting Season 09, Episode 05 – ”Ghost Protector” A mother and daughter agree that their house is definitely haunted, though the former thinks it’s the spirit of her murdered boyfriend, while the latter believes it’s something much more sinister.

A Haunting S09E04 Love Curse

A Haunting Season 09, Episode 04 – ”Love Curse” Newlyweds are unnerved by a dangerous paranormal presence that they need to get rid of before their first child is born.

A Haunting S09E01 Demons Lair

A Haunting Season 09, Episode 01 – ”Demons Lair” A new season begins with with a family who believe the ghost in their home is harmless until the children feel threatened, which prompts a plea to the Catholic Church to rid them of this demon.

A Haunting S08E09 Ghosts of War

A Haunting Season 08, Episode 09 – ”Demons Never Die” A menacing Nazi soldier seeks vengeance for his death and threatens an innocent couple, who end up trying to make peace with his ghost.

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