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Adam Ruins Everything

Adam Ruins Everything S01E25 Adam Ruins Christmas

Adam Ruins Everything Season 01, Episode 25 – Adam Ruins Christmas Ho ho.huh?! Adam teaches his sister that the real St. Nick story is a lot creepier than she thought, and modern Santa was created by commercialism only a century ago. Adam also reveals how gift-giving actually hurts the economy.

Adam Ruins Everything S01E23 Adam Ruins The Internet

Adam Ruins Everything Season 01, Episode 23 – “Adam Ruins the Internet” While on a magical technological journey, Adam shows that smartphones are not the society-killers you’d think they are, American cable service providers are basically cartels, and most “free” sites are actually very costly.

Adam Ruins Everything S01E22 Adam Ruins The Wild West

Adam Ruins Everything Season 01, Episode 22– “Adam Ruins The Wild West” Adam illustrates how despite its macho man reputation – prostitutes actually helped settle the West. He then goes on to explain why the “All-American Cowboy” is a myth, and that the real hero of the west was air conditioning.

Adam Ruins Everything S01E21 Adam Ruins Prison

Adam Ruins Everything Season 01, Episode 21 – “Adam Ruins Prison” When Emily gets tossed in the slammer, her cellmate reveals that corporations make money off prison inmates while the system does nothing to reduce crime. Adam then sheds light on jail rehabilitation and solitary confinement.

Adam Ruins Everything S01E20 Adam Ruins Drugs

Adam Ruins Everything Season 01, Episode 20– “Adam Ruins Drugs” Adam weeds through the misconceptions of marijuana and exposes the blunt truth about the War on Drugs – that it stemmed from a racist and political agenda. Plus, Adam illustrates why prescription pills are the true gateway drug.

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