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Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People S06E02 Bear With Us

Alaskan Bush People Season 06, Episode 02 – “Bear With Us” The Browns decide they need to protect the newest member of the family from the excessive amount of bears now looking for food on the Island. Meanwhile Matt is in a race for his life as he tries to return home through obstacles of […]

Alaskan Bush People S06E01 All That Matters

Alaskan Bush People Season 06, Episode 01 – “All That Matters” A storm overtakes Chichagof island and threatens the safety of the Brown Family as they set out on a journey to bring home a new addition to Browntown, while oldest brother Matt returns home for a fresh start.

Alaskan Bush People S06E01 A Browntown Christmas

Alaskan Bush People Season 06, Episode 01 – “A Browntown Christmas” In years past, Christmas was a time to reconnect with extended family, but this holiday they’re staying in Browntown and bringing old traditions into their new home, as they build and acquire food and materials that they need for the perfect holiday.

Alaskan Bush People S04E02 Driving Miss Rainy

Alaskan Bush People Season 04, Episode 02 – “Driving Miss Rainy” While youngest Brown brother Noah stays behind to continue repairs to Browntown, the other eight members of the wolfpack take on their riskiest haul ever in hopes of securing the skiff they desperately need. Failure will have far reaching consequences.

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