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Almost Genius

Almost Genius S01E21 Half Baked

Almost Genius Season 01, Episode 21 – “Half Baked” From homemade haircuts, to guys rebooting their computer with a baseball bat, we’ve got the still-frozen-on-the-inside microwave burritos of humanity.

Almost Genius S01E19 So Close Yet So Far

Almost Genius Season 01, Episode 19 – “So Close Yet So Far” Chris and April celebrate those who shoot for the moon…and hit a tree on the way down. From the gorilla on a wakeboard, to a girl twerking with her face, to a unicycle fail montage – a failure to launch has never been […]

Almost Genius S01E18 Flying Low

Almost Genius Season 01, Episode 18 – “Flying Low” From a father/son beatboxing duo, to a cat with a tissue issue, this show celebrates those who shoot for the stars but don’t quite make it past liftoff.

Almost Genius S01E17 No Cigar

Almost Genius Season 01, Episode 17 – “No Cigar” From a dad with a DIY rollercoaster, to the world’s smallest gymnast…this show highlights those brave souls who think on their feet but don’t always land on them.

Almost Genius S01E15 Falling Short

Almost Genius Season 01, Episode 15 – “Falling Short” Hosts Chris and April love those who have a recipe for success but are missing a few ingredients. From a bikini-clad nunchuck artist, to the ultimate video remix battle.we’re serving up a piping hot bowl of humble soup.

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