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American High School

American High School S01E06 Walk Across That Stage

American High School Season 01, Episode 06 – Walk Across That Stage It’s the end of the school year, and Orangeburg-Wilkinson is still reeling from Dr Peters’ news. With just a few weeks to go until graduation, a number of seniors – including Vernon – are still at risk of failing. Can he improve his […]

American High School S01E05 All Hands On Deck

American High School Season 01, Episode 05 – All Hands On Deck As the seniors prepare for their ‘vintage Hollywood’-themed Prom, two members of the organising committee – Vernon and Breezy – are no longer on speaking terms. Meanwhile, Student TJ anxiously awaits the results of his expulsion hearing and makes a visit to his […]

American High School S01E04 Disrespect

American High School Season 01, Episode 04 – Disrespect Student TJ has style, charm and intelligence. He also has a father serving a long jail sentence. Determined to avoid the same fate, TJ is working hard at OW and developing a thriving business customising trainers, but one moment of madness throws his future into sudden […]

American High School S01E03 The World is Not Black

American High School Season 01, Episode 03 – The World is Not Black The school’s sports stars are busy trying to secure athletic scholarships to college, but for football player Kordel, his dreams of leaving Orangeburg – and experiencing a more ethnically diverse America – seem tantalisingly beyond his grasp. Meanwhile, star pupil Jalena tries […]

American High School S01E02 Two Dollar Bills

American High School Season 01, Episode 02 – Two Dollar Bills In episode 2, we uncover a revelation about Rendull, captain of the basketball team. Handsome, charismatic and popular, he seems to have the world at his feet but a discovery about his personal life throws his plans for the future into disarray.Meanwhile, star pupil […]

American High School S01E01 The Quest to be the Best

BBC Three has unprecedented access to Orangeburg-Wilkinson, a majority African-American High School in South Carolina, following a charismatic principal and his students over the course of one school year. Through their eyes we witness the life-changing moments on a tough journey into adulthood. Life chances for African Americans who graduate high school are starkly different […]

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