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American Horror Story

American Horror Story S06E09 Chapter 9

American Horror Story Season 06, Episode 09 – “Chapter 9” Three My Roanoke Nightmare fans pay a visit to the House, unaware that they’ve arrived at the worst possible time. Meanwhile, Lee and Audrey try to recover the camera, and a new visitor doesn’t prove very helpful. Chapter 9 of “American Horror Story: 6.”

American Horror Story S06E07 Chapter 7

American Horror Story Season 06, Episode 07 – “Chapter 7” Chaos breaks out at the house as Audrey, Monet, and Lee try to escape through the secret tunnel. Meanwhile, Shelby learns why Matt came back to the house, and Agnes considers a career change.

American Horror Story S06E06 Chapter 6

American Horror Story Season 06, Episode 06 – “Chapter 6” Chapter 6 of “American Horror Story: 6.” The producer of My Roanoke Nightmare decides to follow up his huge hit with a second season… putting the actors and their real-life counterparts in the same house during the Blood Moon, and seeing if Lee confesses to […]

American Horror Story S06E01 Chapter 1

American Horror Story Season 06, Episode 01 – “Chapter 1” The FX limited series, American Horror Story, returns for a sixth installment. Shelby and Matt Miller give testimonials about their victimization in a gang initiation in Los Angeles for a television program called “My Roanoke Nightmare”.

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