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American Pickers

American Pickers S16E12 Concrete Jungle

American Pickers Season 16, Episode 12 – “Concrete Jungle” Mike and Frank pick New York City for the first time and go back to the future at a sprawling computer store packed with a mind-blowing stockpile of 20th-century technological artifacts.

American Pickers S16E07 Going Down?

American Pickers Season 16, Episode 07 – “Going Down?” If the guys can’t get a mammoth 1929 Roadster safely down a decaying 100-year old elevator, they will be $20,000 in the hole; Mike uncovers a surprise when he hears hissing coming from beneath an out-of-control collection.

American Pickers S16E06 High Energy Crisis

American Pickers Season 16, Episode 06 – “High Energy Crisis” The guys have their hands full with a high-strung super-collector who might bounce off the walls. Plus, Danielle lands in NYC for a high-stakes auction of rock legend memorabilia.

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