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Barnwood Builders

Barnwood Builders S04E08 Unwrapping a Log Tobacco Barn

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 08 – “Unwrapping a Log Tobacco Barn” Mark buys a massive tobacco barn with an incredible log structure hidden inside; the guys must unwrap the barn layer by layer, and it’s a tricky job because the barn is filled with hundreds of old poles that fight them at every turn.

Barnwood Builders S04E07 Log Kitchen Drop In

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 07 – “Log Kitchen Drop In” The guys build an antique log cabin in a framed-out modern home in North Carolina. Also: Mark stops by the client’s timber frame barn and Sherman shows off his horse-wrangling prowess.

Barnwood Builders S04E06 Beefy Bank Barn Beams

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 06 – “Beefy Bank Barn Beams” Mark and the guys return to Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, where they stripped a massive bank barn earlier this year. This time, they are back for the incredible chestnut beams. The roof gives them some trouble, but Johnny’s up for the task. They save the […]

Barnwood Builders S04E05 Log Cabin Dream Come True

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 05 – “Log Cabin Dream Come True” Tammy Harrah and her late husband dreamed of running a craft store in a log cabin on their West Virginia family homestead. Mark and the guys are helping Tammy and her son see that dream come true by building that cabin for them, […]

Barnwood Builders S04E04 Hitting The Barnwood Jackpot

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 04 – “Hitting The Barnwood Jackpot” Mark’s client wants to use the barnwood from an enormous Pennsylvania bank barn to outfit his Arizona restaurant. It’s a beast of a job in the middle of a heat wave, but the Barnwood Builders just won’t quit. They save 5,000 board feet of […]

Barnwood Builders S04E03 Island Fishing Cabin

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 03 – “Island Fishing Cabin” Mark Bowe and the Barnwood Builders take the logs from season 3′s Bird’s-Eye Barn across the New River and put them back together on a West Virginia island. They have to reconfigure the barn to turn it into a modern fishing cabin with a complicated […]

Barnwood Builders S04E02 The Cabin In The Quarry

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 02 – “The Cabin In The Quarry” The Barnwood Builders float down the Ohio River and land in Paducah, Kentucky, where they try to save a little cabin in a big quarry. The cabin is in rough shape, but these guys don’t give up on it. Their time in Paducah […]

Barnwood Builders S04E01 Complicated Carriage House

Barnwood Builders Season 04, Episode 01 – “Complicated Carriage House” The Barnwood Builders pull into New Ringgold, Pennsylvania, in a covered wagon, ready to take down and move a very complicated carriage house. They find all sorts of treasures in the 150-year-old pioneer garage before they carefully strip it, lift the roof off in sections […]

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