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Better Things

Better Things S01E06 Alarms

Better Things Season 01 , Episode 6 – “Alarms” Sam deals with some situations: people her age dating younger women, clothing shopping with the girls, trauma in her friends’ lives and getting hit on at work.

Better Things S01E05 Future Fever

Better Things Season 01 , Episode 5 – “Future Fever” When Frankie gets ill and one of the mothers on her soccer team undergoes a difficult surgery, Sam finds herself contemplating mortality, and asks Phil whether she’s made a living will.

Better Things S01E02 Period

Better Things Season 01 , Episode 2 – “Period” Sam finds that the kids have trashed the house while she was away, her gynecologist delivers unexpected news, and she has to speak at a women and girls empowerment seminar at Frankie’s high school.

Better Things S01E01 Sam/Pilot

A single camera comedy in which Adlon plays “Sam,” a working actor with no filter who is trying to earn a living, navigate her daughtersí lives, have fun with a friend or two, and also, just maybe, squeeze in some private time once in a while. Her life is funny to watch, but you wouldnít […]

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