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Bizarre Foods

Bizarre Foods Special Frozen

Bizarre Foods Special Frozen Andrew Zimmern travels to some of the coldest places on Earth to see how people survive and eat. He seeks out delicacies like muffler meat and hand-pried sea cucumber — an array of deliciousness that’s sure to beat the chill.

Bizarre Foods S11E08 Cyprus

Bizarre Foods Season 11, Episode 08 – “Cyprus” Andrew Zimmern fills up on stuffed grape leaves and pork belly in Cyprus; and gets to savor the European island’s ancient edible legacy while curdling goat milk, tasting sun-dried goat, and nibbling on the world’s oldest cookie.

Bizarre Foods S11E07 Stockholm

Bizarre Foods Season 11, Episode 06 – “Stockholm” Andrew Zimmern travels to Stockholm, where he discovers the simplicity of Scandinavian culture as he tries some unusual dishes, including grated reindeer testicle, aged horse meat, and Swedish spins on Vietnamese bahn mi and high-end hot dogs. Also: The New Nordic movement celebrates putrefied herring and smoked […]

Bizarre Foods S11E06 Shanghai

Bizarre Foods Season 11, Episode 06 – “Shanghai” Andrew travels to Shanghai to snack on chicken hearts and snail shells. Whether he’s tasting turtle cooked by a legend, helping out an ancient fishing family or downing a shot of snake bile, Andrew meets adventure mouth-first.

Bizarre Foods S11E01 Madrid

Bizarre Foods Season 11, Episode 01 – “Madrid” In the Season 11 premiere, Andrew’s trip to Madrid finds him encountering baby pig heads, organ omelets, and duck liver jewelry.

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