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Bones S12E02 The Brain in the Bot

Bones Season 12, Episode 02 – “The Brain in the Bot” After discovering the body of a man involved with creating artificial intelligence bots, the team must figure out if the victim’s own artificial intelligent bot was programmed to kill him.

Bones S12E01 The Hope in the Horror

Bones Season 12, Episode 01 – “The Hope in the Horror” In the Season 12 premiere, Brennan has been kidnapped by her former assistant, Zack Addy, as Booth and the rest of the lab desperately search for her.

Bones S11E22 The Nightmare in the Nightmare

Bones Season 11, Episode 22 – “The Nightmare in the Nightmare” In the Season 11 finale, the search for the Puppeteer, a serial killer who turns his victims into marionettes, continues, but Brennan can’t shake her guilt of failing to catch the perpetrator due to her brief period of retirement.

Bones S11E21 The Jewel in the Crown

Bones Season 11, Episode 21 – “The Jewel in the Crown” A corpse at a glass recycling plant has a diamond stuck in its jaw, and Inspector Rousseau suspects a descendant of French nobility—who turns out to be the victim’s husband—may have had something to do with the murder. Meanwhile, Booth learns he has an […]

Bones S11E20 The Stiff in the Cliff

Bones Season 11, Episode 20 – “The Stiff in the Cliff” A billionaire explorer’s remains are discovered in Antarctica 10 years after he disappeared, but the Jeffersonian’s Dr. Clark Edison winds up on a list of murder suspects since he was a member of the expedition. Meanwhile, Cam clashes with her sister when she arrives […]

Bones S11E19 The Head in the Abutment

Bones Season 11, Episode 19 – “The Head in the Abutment” The death of a professional hockey player is investigated after his headless corpse is found in a river, and Booth’s love of the sport proves to be an asset in the case, but it also reunites him with an old rival and puts him […]

Bones S11E18 The Movie in the Making

Bones Season 11, Episode 18 – “The Movie in the Making” As part of a promotion for the Jeffersonian’s Medico-Legal lab, a film crew follows the team as they investigate a murder case involving a corpse buried in a landfill more than 10 years ago, and each member provides commentary in their fields of expertise.

Bones S11E17 The Secret in the Service

Bones Season 11, Episode 17 – “The Secret in the Service” A Secret Service agent’s body is discovered by an inebriated college student on the eve of a presidential visit, but Booth is blindsided when the agency refuses his help with the case. Meanwhile, Brennan won’t let the flu keep her from work even though […]

Bones S11E16 The Strike in the Chord

Bones Season 11, Episode 16 – “The Strike in the Chord” A body found in a rat lab at Lynwood University turns out to be the head of a male a cappella group who recently ejected one of their best singers. Meanwhile, Booth hopes to go on a summer vacation with Parker; a new intern […]

Bones S11E15 The Fight in the Fixer

Bones Season 11, Episode 15 – “The Fight in the Fixer” A private investigator’s body is found frozen in ice after being thrown in the Potomac, and the investigation reveals that the victim was a fixer who had a long list of enemies. Meanwhile, Aubrey learns shocking information about his father; Brennan and Booth get […]

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