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Chicago Med

Chicago Med S02E10 Heart Matters

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 10 – “Heart Matters” Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Charles’ heart transplant patient gets into a car crash, revealing issues that could complicate her surgery. A past arrest causes trouble for Maggie when the arresting officer is brought to Chicago Med with a serious injury. Elsewhere, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead […]

Chicago Med S02E09 Uncharted Territory

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 09 – “Uncharted Territory” Goodwin tasks Dr. Charles with evaluating a patient as a possible heart recipient, while Jeff makes a confession to Dr. Manning. Dr. Choi deals with two MMA fighters who are brought into Chicago Med in bad shape. Elsewhere, Dr. Stohl returns to the hospital from his […]

Chicago Med S02E08 Free Will

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 08 – “Free Will” Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning deal with two warring brothers who are brought together when one finds himself in desperate need of a kidney. Dr. Reese’s former patient Danny comes to a crossroad. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Latham treat a 16-year-old girl with a genetic condition […]

Chicago Med S02E07 Inherent Bias

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 07 – “Inherent Bias” Sharon Goodwin’s childhood sweetheart arrives at the hospital, but finds himself in dire straits. To help get his financial footing, Dr. Halstead gets lured into a concierge doctor app idea. Meanwhile, a young woman with a heart infection is treated by Dr. Rhodes against Dr. Charles’ […]

Chicago Med S02E06 Alternative Medicine

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 06 – “Alternative Medicine” Dr. Manning tends to a young cancer patient and struggles to inform the parents of her dire condition. Elsewhere, Dr. Reese gets contacted by Danny, the troubled young man, and turns to Dr. Charles and Det. Lindsay for help in resolving a difficult situation. Goodwin and […]

Chicago Med S02E05 Extreme Measures

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 05 – “Extreme Measures” A car accident that occurs at the Chicago Marathon leaves a victim in critical condition and tests the mettle of Dr. Halstead, April and her fourth-year medical resident brother Noah, who must perform a difficult procedure in the field. A mother brings in her 8-year-old girl […]

Chicago Med S02E04 Brother’s Keeper

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 04 – “Brother’s Keeper” Several patients are discovered to have the same rare infection, prompting Dr. Charles’ daughter Robyn, an epidemiologist, to be brought in to find the common link. Dr. Choi and Dr. Rhodes work on an elderly man who is discovered to be very ill, but a conflict […]

Chicago Med S02E03 Natural History

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 03 – “Natural History” Dr. Manning and fourth-year medical student Jeff Clarke are forced to figure out a mystery illness when an Indonesian man who doesn’t speak English arrives at the hospital in dire straights. Maggie takes Dr. Halstead to her family reunion where he meets her sibling Denise and […]

Chicago Med S02E02 Win Loss

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 02 – “Win Loss” Two complex cases involving sick babies may have a surprising connection. Meanwhile, an upbeat homeless man is treated and offers valuable insight to the doctors; Dr. Choi mentors a military man; and Dr. Reese tries to adapt to her new position.

Chicago Med S02E01 Soul Care

Chicago Med Season 02, Episode 01 – “Soul Care” Dr. Rhodes begins his fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery, but gets off on the wrong foot with his challenging new boss, Dr. Latham. Dr. Choi navigates life as the new chief resident and finds the road a bit rocky, while Dr. Charles approaches Sarah with an interesting […]

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