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Chicago PD

Chicago PD S04E11 You Wish

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 11 – “You Wish” When a mutilated sex offender is found dead, it is unclear if he was the victim of a hate crime, sexual assault or self-mutilation. As Intelligence questions those related to the case, they find themselves up against a private “special police” force who may be covering […]

Chicago PD S04E10 Don’t Read the News

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 10 – “Don’t Read the News” After the body of young woman is found with multiple gunshot wounds, Intelligence uncovers details of her case that are similar to other deaths. They work to link all of these murders together to pin down the serial killer, and appease the families of […]

Chicago PD S04E09 Dont Bury This Case

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 09 – “Don’t Bury This Case” Severide is brought into the District for questioning after his car is found to have caused a deadly crash. As the investigation gets underway, the team works to uncover a group of car-jackers who may be the key to Severide’s innocence. Meanwhile, Voight pairs […]

Chicago PD S04E07-E08

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 07 – “300,000 Likes” The State Attorney’s office calls upon the Intelligence Unit after the only witness in a serial rape case is murdered; Peter Stone offers Antonio a surprising – and tempting – opportunity. Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 08 – “A Shot Heard Round the World” The police […]

Chicago PD S04E06 Skin in the Game

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 06 – “Skin in the Game” After receiving a complaint from a frustrated neighbor, Burgess and Officer Sorensen arrive to the house of baseball player Jake McCoy, and find the dead body of a 16-year-old girl, Maya Collins. There is conflict within the case as Intelligence learns that Olinsky and […]

Chicago PD S04E05 A War Zone

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 05 – “A War Zone” Intelligence is tasked with tracking down the dealers of fentanyl – a drug that has been linked to multiple overdoses around the city. As they investigate possible sources, the team uncovers a series of dealers in a college smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Tay and Burgess come […]

Chicago PD S04E04 Big Friends, Big Enemies

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 04 – “Big Friends, Big Enemies” When a car plows through a crowd of concert goers and gunfire erupts, Lindsay and Ruzek are on the scene. Unsure of the motive and concerned a terrorist group may be responsible, Voight orders in Homeland security, customs and the F.B.I. to assist. At […]

Chicago PD S04E03 All Cylinders Firing

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 03 – “All Cylinders Firing” When Platt goes to her father Robert’s house for dinner, she warns him to be careful with his new girlfriend Natalie. Following dinner, Platt is physically assaulted as she’s getting into her car and is rushed to Chicago Med. Voight, Lindsay and Halstead arrive at […]

Chicago PD S04E02 Made a Wrong Turn

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 02 – “Made a Wrong Turn” Intelligence investigates when a young man is beaten and his fiancée is apparently abducted. In other events, Lindsay surprises Halsted with a big question; and Cdr. Fogel takes Platt to task for going over his head to have Tay assigned to District 21.

Chicago PD S04E01 The Silos

Chicago PD Season 04, Episode 01 – “The Silos” In the Season 4 premiere, Intelligence investigates a gruesome case. Upon further examination, it appears the victim was wearing a CPD-issued wire at the time of his death. Meanwhile, Burgess meets her new partner, Julie Tay, who came from one of the worst assignments in the […]

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