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Counterfeit Cat

Counterfeit Cat S01E20

Counterfeit Cat Season 01, Episode 20 – “Lost in Throckmorton / The Cat Crib” The guys play a board game, but Max and Throckmorton don’t play nicely. Max and Gark audition for a new reality show.

Counterfeit Cat S01E19

Counterfeit Cat Season 01, Episode 19 – “Virtual Insanity / Birthdaystruction” Max and Gark battle in virtual reality, but Max leaves early and Gark tries to keep playing. Max’s birthday arrives and Betty and Gark throw him a party, but he’s disappointed in the outcome.

Counterfeit Cat S01E18

Counterfeit Cat Season 01, Episode 18 – “Happy Earthday / Zaxos Returns” Max throws a surprise party for Gark to celebrate his first year on Earth and Throckmorton helps plan it. Betty gets a wart on her nose and Max thinks this means Zaxos is back.

Counterfeit Cat S01E17

Counterfeit Cat Season 01, Episode 17 – “Cat Box of Fear / Max Me No Questions” Max is doing everything in his power to avoid Betty, who is trying to put him into his cat box. Gark receives a helpful box that can answer all of his questions.

Counterfeit Cat S01E16

Counterfeit Cat Season 01, Episode 16 – “Fun in the Sun / Sardonians of the Galaxy” Betty is taking a vacation and is leaving Max and Gark with her cat-obsessed daughter. Max is pumped for Sportsbowl Sunday.

Counterfeit Cat S01E15

Counterfeit Cat Season 01 , Episode 15 – “9 Lives / Breaking Bread” Max panics when he realizes he’s already lost six of his nine lives. Max and Gark harness Gark’s laser-toasting powers to make the most delicious bread crumbs.

Counterfeit Cat S01E14

Counterfeit Cat Season 01 , Episode 14 – “Fat Cat / Bathtub of Terror” Max’s nemesis, The Cat Toy God, is again trying to prove that he’s the best. Max is terrified of looking into the bath as he’s scared something terrifying will emerge.

Counterfeit Cat S01E13

Counterfeit Cat Season 01 , Episode 13 – “Kitty Latte / The Big One” Betty is late for de-worm night, which makes Max worry. Gark gets an odd message that gives him an ominous feeling.

Counterfeit Cat S01E12

Counterfeit Cat Season 01 , Episode 12 – “Merry Christmax / Low Resolutions” Max explains to Gark about how mean Santa is because he never got the toy he asked for. Betty’s already struggling with her resolution on New year’s Day.

Counterfeit Cat S01E11

Counterfeit Cat Season 01 , Episode 11 – “Jackson 5 / Nightmare on Cat Mountain” Gark meets a scabby, one-armed, tatty-eared street cat./ Max and Gark investigate their spooky new cat mansion.

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