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Frontline S35E05 President Trump

Frontline Season 35, Episode 05 – “President Trump” A look at key moments that made Donald Trump who he is. Included: remarks from advisers, business associates and biographers.

Frontline S35E04 Exodus

Frontline Season 35, Episode 04 – “Exodus” Refugees and migrants fleeing war and persecution document their journeys on camera phones as they leave their homes and seek safety and refuge in Europe.

Frontline S35E03 Terror In Europe

Frontline Season 35, Episode 03 – “Terror In Europe” FRONTLINE and ProPublica go inside Europe’s fight against Islamic terrorism. As Europe reels from a terror onslaught, top security officials describe their struggle to contain the unprecedented threat revealed by attacks in France and Belgium.

Frontline S34E13 Confronting ISIS

Frontline Season 34, Episode 03 – “Confronting ISIS” FRONTLINE investigates the U.S.-led efforts to degrade and destroy ISIS. Reporting from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Turkey, this two-hour film examines the successes, failures, and challenges of the fight, as ISIS loses ground in the region but strikes out abroad.

Frontline S34E12 The Choice 2016

Frontline Season 34, Episode 12 – “The Choice 2016” FRONTLINE goes behind the headlines to investigate what has shaped Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — where they came from, how they lead and why they want one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.

Frontline S34E11 A Subprime Education

Frontline Season 34, Episode 11 – “A Subprime Education” An examination of alleged predatory behavior and fraud in the for-profit college industry as well as the collapse of Corinthian Colleges. Then, the impact that a program to stem the high school drop-out crisis had on one young woman.

Frontline S34E09 Business of Disaster

Frontline Season 34, Episode 09 – “Business of Disaster” Disasters are big business. Follow an investigation with NPR into who profits when disaster strikes. The film focuses on Superstorm Sandy: the thousands still not home, the agencies that were supposed to help and the companies that made millions.

Frontline S34E08 The Secret History of ISIS

Frontline Season 34, Episode 14 – “The Secret History Of ISIS” Get the inside story of the creation of ISIS and learn how the U.S. missed the many warning signs. The film uncovers the terror group’s earliest plans, the Islamic radicals who became its leaders and the American failures to stop ISIS’ brutal rise.

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