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Grimm S06E02 Trust Me Knot

Grimm Season 06 Episode 02 – “Trust Me Knot“ Hank and Wu find a solution to stop Renard while Nick is still on the run. Adalind receives a phone call that throws her into the middle of everything. Back at the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee’s adventure in babysitting takes an interesting turn when Diana […]

Grimm S06E01 Fugitive

Grimm Season 06 Episode 01 – “Fugitive“ In the Season 6 premiere, a shoot-to-kill manhunt is ordered by Capt. Renard, who’s hell-bent on eliminating Nick once and for all after the loft massacre. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee have mixed feelings about staying in Portland now that their family is expanding; and Eve deals with the […]

Grimm S05E21-E22 Beginning of the End Parts 1 & 2

Grimm Season 05, Episode 21-22 – “Beginning of the End (Parts 1 & 2)” In the Season 5 finale, Black Claw makes a strategic move against Hank that shocks everyone and sends Nick on a war path; Hadrian’s Wall search for a mystery man named Bonaparte; Adalind and Capt. Renard try to come to terms […]

Grimm S05E20 Bad Night

Grimm Season 05, Episode 20 – “Bad Night” Nick fears there’s a chance he’ll lose everything to Black Claw; Renard ramps up his campaign as the election draws near; Adalind faces a very difficult decision in order to protect her children; Hank’s relationship with Zuri moves in an unexpected direction; and Wu struggles to get […]

Grimm S05E19 The Taming of the Wu

Grimm Season 05, Episode 19 – “The Taming of the Wu” Wu’s primal instincts kick in as a result of the bite he suffered, and he ends up getting entangled in an altercation that could land him in hot water. Elsewhere, following Adalind’s meeting with the mysterious Bonaparte, she faces a difficult decision that could […]

Grimm S05E18 Good to the Bone

Grimm Season 05, Episode 18 – “Good to the Bone” An investigation into a Wesen with a terrifying appetite begins with the discovery of a man found dead with all of the bones in his body seemingly liquefied and removed. Meanwhile, Wu has to handle a crisis; and Hank reconnects with an old flame.

Grimm S05E17 Inugami

Grimm Season 05, Episode 17 – “Inugami” Local youths are in danger due to an ancient code of vengeance that has been adopted by Japanese Wesen; and Adalind crosses paths with Eve upon returning to work at her old law firm.

Grimm S05E16 The Believer

Grimm Season 05, Episode 16 – “The Believer” An Evangelical minister attracts more “true believers” to his tent revival with the power of his Wesen identity; and Nick and Hank have to get involved when all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Capt. Renard takes further steps to hold sway in local government; Eve borrows a page […]

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