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Hoarders S09E05 Shannon and Ray

Hoarders Season 09, Episode 05 – Shannon and Ray Shannon is convinced that her hoarding is caused by demons possessing her home. She is so frightened by the entities and the severe clutter that she and her three children are living in a shelter. Ray’s historic San Francisco Victorian almost burnt down the block when […]

Hoarders S09E04 Linda and Kerry

Hoarders Season 09, Episode 04 – “Linda and Kerry Linda has hoarded out a 180-acre historic farm in preparation for the end of times. She is adamant that the world markets are going to collapse in the next few months and her hoard and property will be a refuge for those who survive. When there […]

Hoarders S09E03 Leza and Linda

Hoarders Season 09, Episode 03 – “Leza and Linda” Leza’s house is so packed, the city has red tagged it as uninhabitable and she is no longer allowed to live in it. If she doesn’t clean up before the city imposed deadline, Leza could lose her property and end up homeless. Linda’s husband has just […]

Hoarders S09E02 Stanks and Anne

Hoarders Season 09, Episode 02 – “Lonnie and Linda” The Stanks have hoarded themselves out of their home and are facing the loss of their property if they cannot get it up to code. Anne is in love with Christmas! Her diabetic husband is at risk for life threatening injuries trying to survive in her […]

Hoarders S09E01 Lonnie and Linda

Hoarders Season 09, Episode 01 – “Lonnie and Linda” Lonnie is a famed neurosurgeon and former Lt. Governor of the State of Nevada. He is also a notorious hoarder spending an estimated $10 million on his collections! Lonnie is facing potential bankruptcy and the loss of all assets if he can’t auction off some of […]

Hoarders S08E12 Sybil and Ron

Hoarders Season 08, Episode 12 – “Sybil and Ron” Mice invade a woman’s home and faces removal from her property and a man has lost customers in his camera shop, which has become a storage space for his hoarding.

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