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Hollywood Divas

Hollywood Divas S03E07 Reunion Part One

Hollywood Divas Season 03, Episode 07 – “Reunion Part One” Highlights the ups and downs of black actresses trying to navigate career, family, and relationships, while attempting to stay relevant in an unpredictable entertainment industry known for overlooking black talent. In an effort to stay relevant, these forgotten stars decide to think outside the box, […]

Hollywood Divas S03E06 Prom-ises

Hollywood Divas Season 03, Episode 06 – “Prom-ises” Golden learns of gossip about her role in a new pilot and lashes out at the others during a swimsuit fitting. Later: a surprise surfaces at Countess’ 90s prom.

Hollywood Divas S03E03 No Laughing Matter

Hollywood Divas Season 03, Episode 03 – “No Laughing Matter” Countess has a meeting about her music video, but things quickly get out of hand. Also: Lisa and Malika begin new phases of their lives and Paula’s friend Carmen goes too far during a night out.

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