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House Rules

House Rules S04E34

House Rules Series 04, Episode 34 Teams hand over an incredible renovation to a hard working charity. Which two teams will impress our judges to lock in a spot to the House Rules grand final?

House Rules S04E33

House Rules Series 04, Episode 33 With only 24 hours to secure a spot in the grand final, last minute dramas are coming thick and fast as our teams give it their all for a special charity.

House Rules S04E32

House Rules Series 04, Episode 32 Finals week continues as our teams have their eyes locked on the life changing prize. With the threat of elimination on all their minds, any mistakes could cost them a mortgage free life.

House Rules S04E31

House Rules Season 4 Episode 31 Its finals week and our three remaining teams aren’t just fighting for themselves; they will give the ultimate renovation to a most deserving charity.

House Rules S04E30

House Rules Season 4 Episode 30 It’s been a hard week in the gardens and judgment day has arrived. What will our judges think of the last garden reveals and which team will say goodbye?

House Rules S04E29

House Rules Season 4 Episode 29 The semi-finals continue as the second round of garden transformations get underway. Not only must the teams adhere to the House Rules, they must work within a set budget and time frame.

House Rules S04E28

House Rules Series 04, Episode 28 It’s judgment day at homebase, but before the judges give their verdicts the teams must watch the homeowners’ reactions. Will they like what they see, or be bitterly disappointed with the results?

House Rules S04E26

House Rules Series 04, Episode 26 Under 3 and a half hours remain and teams still have a long way to go to complete their 24 hour challenge. Which team will crumble under the pressure and be sent home packing?

House Rules S04E25

House Rules Series 04, Episode 25 With just 24 hours and a new set of rules, the contestants need to transform one zone in their house into a style of their choosing. Will they be up to the mammoth challenge, or crash and burn?

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