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Hyde & Seek

Hyde & Seek S01E08

Hyde & Seek Season 01, Episode 08 Gary and Claire take the law into their own hands to find the terrorists threatening national security. A power struggle within ASIO threatens to derail the Task Force’s investigation. Sonya realises she holds the key to Gary’s investigation.

Hyde & Seek S01E07

Hyde & Seek Season 01, Episode 07 A deadly Mosque bombing proves Claire’s suspicions of a traitor inside the Task Force. Gary and Sonya’s marriage faces a crisis when their son Oscar has a health scare.

Hyde & Seek S01E06

Hyde & Seek Season 01, Episode 06 Gary’s marriage is tested when he travels to Indonesia with Claire to investigate a terrorist suspect. Tanya and Kevin suspect there is a mole within the Task Force.

Hyde & Seek S01E05

Hyde & Seek Season 01, Episode 05 Claire is held hostage in a deadly bus hijack, as Gary comes face to face with the terrorist who murdered his partner.

Hyde & Seek S01E04

Hyde & Seek Season 01, Episode 04 Gary and Claire are caught in the crossfire when an outspoken radio host is shot by an extremist. Sonya defends the rights of her star pupil, who is a terrorism suspect in Gary’s investigation.

Hyde & Seek S01E03

Hyde & Seek Season 01, Episode 03 Gary and Claire track a suspected terrorist to Far North Queensland and intercept a smuggler with a deadly cargo. Meanwhile, Tanya and Kevin uncover a money laundering operation with a difference.

Hyde & Seek S01E02

Hyde and Seek Season 01, Episode 02 Gary and Claire travel to Hong Kong in the hunt for Nick’s killer, and uncover a terrorist network operating inside Australia.

Hyde & Seek S01E01

Hyde and Seek Season 01, Episode 01 When his best mate and partner is killed in a random attack, Detective Gary Hyde and his new partner Claire McKenzie discover an underbelly of murder and fraud that threatens national security.

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