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Modern Family

Modern Family S08E11 Sarge & Pea

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 11 – “Sarge & Pea” Cam is upset about a rude parent that cost him a precious moment during Lily’s dance recital; during a visit to Alex’s coffee shop with Hayley, Cam believes he has spotted the anonymous parent and goes to extreme lengths to verify.

Modern Family S08E10 Ringmaster Keifth

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 10 – “Ringmaster Keifth” Cam tries to make amends for his Thanksgiving disaster by cooking a New Year’s Day feast for the family, but when this event also goes downhill, the white knight summoned by Mitch turns out to be his husband’s ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Phil is thrown for a loop […]

Modern Family S08E09 Snow Ball

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 09 – “Snow Ball” A fancy holiday gala at school finds Manny and Luke trying to avoid a disastrous outcome thanks to a texting mistake. Eager to pitch in, Claire, Gloria, Mitchell and Cameron volunteer to help at the dance and get involved in the night’s shenanigans, including Claire and […]

Modern Family S08E08 The Alliance

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 08 – “The Alliance” Hayley’s plan for a fun-filled girl’s day with Rainer Shine’s teen daughter may be a little more angst-filled than expected. Meanwhile, Luke finds himself in a compromising position with a widow at the club and unwittingly helps his grandpa, Jay, with his petition. At the Pritchett-Tucker […]

Modern Family S08E07 Thanksgiving Jamboree

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 07 – “Thanksgiving Jamboree” Cameron’s Thanksgiving feast promises to be one for the ages, but Phil worries about Haley missing out on a cherished family tradition when she’d rather spend time with her new boyfriend, Rainer Shine. Meanwhile, Jay tries to keep his stress level low; Gloria teaches Joe how […]

Modern Family S08E06 Grab It

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 06 – “Grab It” Jay’s only sanctuary and favorite place in the world begins to lose its charm when Phil starts to think about becoming a member; Claire misjudges her influence over Alex’s choices; Hayley wants to impress Alex with her life choices.

Modern Family S08E05 Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 05 – “Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook” Luke hosts a Halloween party that quickly turns into a nightmare, so the Dunphys come up with a plan to make it a success and rescue his reputation. Meanwhile, Cam confronts his holiday nemesis, but Mitch and Lily try to keep […]

Modern Family S08E04 Weathering Heights

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 04 – “Weathering Heights” Phil can’t cover up his excitement when he’s invited to appear in a real-estate news segment for the local news. The day gets even better after meeting his “weatherman” hero, Rainer Shine. Phil made one little mistake; he introduced him to Hayley. Over at the Pritchett […]

Modern Family S08E03 Blindsided

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 03 – “Blindsided” Luke and Manny go head-to-head in a race to be class president, but the campaign might be more of a battle between their parents. Meanwhile, Phil introduces Haley to a marketing genius to help with her promotion business; and Cam goes to extremes to keep his best […]

Modern Family S08E02 A Stereotypical Day

Modern Family Season 08, Episode 02 – “A Stereotypical Day” A new family moves in across the street from the Pritchetts and Jay wants to make a good impression. Meanwhile, Manny hopes his deeds will catch the attention of a pretty teenage radical; the Dunphys try to look on the bright side of Alex’s bout […]

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