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Moonshiners S06E09 Smokey Mountain Gin

Moonshiners Season 6, Episode 9 – ”Smokey Mountain Gin” Tim Smith aims to put a whiskey time machine to the test; Chico and Sandra switch gears with a new recipe in hopes of jump-starting their stalled season; Mark and Digger opt to experiment with distilling an old classic on their high-speed rig.

Moonshiners S06E08 Dog Days of Shining

Moonshiners Season 6, Episode 8 – ”Dog Days of Shining” Josh and Big Chuck attempt to revive their season with a new still site. Mark and Digger are ready to put their still design to the test. Mark and Mike take their first steps grab at a new territory.

Moonshiners S06E07 Whiskey Time Machine

Moonshiners Season 6, Episode 7 – ”Whiskey Time Machine” Tim needs to rescue his operation, challenging the laws of nature and time. Mark and Digger implement a high tech addition to their operation that could double their output, if it doesn’t blow them up. Jeff and Lance make a once banned liquor.

Moonshiners S06E05 Big River Redemption

Moonshiners Season 06, Episode 05 – “Big River Redemption” Mark and Digger struggle with a special recipe for a shine legend; and Big Chuck tries to redeem himself after destroying Josh’s operation. Later, Chico and Sandra continue working on their still site, but disaster strikes.

Moonshiners S06E04 Luck of the Irish

Moonshiners Season 06, Episode 04 – “Luck of the Irish” A rookie mistake could leave Josh & Chuck’s operation dead in the water. Tim Smith travels across the Atlantic to teach an old Irish distillery a thing or two about making moonshine. And Mark and Digger’s mash test is interrupted by an unwanted visitor.

Moonshiners S06E03 Hard Start

Moonshiners Season 06, Episode 03 – “Hard Start” A catastrophe leaves Josh desperately in need of a helping hand. Meanwhile, Chico and Sandra’s moonshine partnership puts a strain on their relationship.

Moonshiners S06E02 Take Me to the River

Moonshiners Season 06, Episode 02 – “Take Me to the River” Patti & David scramble to locate a clean water source for their operation. Mark Rogers ventures into unfamiliar territory to secure new buyers. Mark & Digger use an old moonshiner’s trick to spook intruders from their still site.

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