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New Girl

New Girl S06E12 The Cubicle

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 12 – “The Cubicle” When Jess insists on covering Robby’s medical bill, she is stunned after finding out the total and goes to extremes to find a way to help pay. With Schmidt and Winston’s help, Cece attempts to get her new modeling agency off the ground (and out […]

New Girl S06E11 Raisin’s Back

New Girl Season 6, Episode 11 – “Raisin’s Back” When Reagan moves into the loft, Nick tries to “play it cool.” Meanwhile, Schmidt embarks on a soul-searching journey when Cece and Winston challenge his love of electronic dance music.

New Girl S06E10 Christmas Eve Eve

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 10 – “Christmas Eve Eve” Jess struggles to keep the loft’s Secret Santa afloat, while helping Reagan plan a Christmas surprise for Nick. When Winston believes his gift for Cece won’t be delivered in time, Winston and Schmidt go on a mission to track it down.

New Girl S06E09 Es Good

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 09 – “Es Good” Schmidt enlists Nick to help him earn the respect of his difficult house contractor. Meanwhile, as Jess and Robby test the limits of their ability to be in a casual relationship, Winston and Cece debate the pros and cons of not being single.

New Girl S06E08 James Wonder

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 08 – “James Wonder” In order to land the soon-to-be open principal’s position at her school, Jess must impress the disapproving president of the Parents’ Council. Winston puts his undercover skills to the test and Nick struggles to come up with the perfect wedding gift for Schmidt and Cece.

New Girl S06E07 Last Thanksgiving

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 07 – “Last Thanksgiving” It’s Thanksgiving and Jess and the gang are determined to make this year’s festivities a success. However, things don’t go according to plan when Robby surprisingly shows up and Schmidt’s dad arrives heartbroken. Meanwhile, Nick finds out that Regan is postponing her move-in date and […]

New Girl S06E06 Ready

New Girl Season 06, Episode 06 – ”Ready” After Jess announces that she is ready to date again, Schmidt pushes her to give her workout partner, Robby, a fighting chance. Then, when Cece hires a hunky new bartender, Nick struggles to understand male beauty, while Winston’s newfound confidence makes him irresistible.

New Girl S06E05 Jaipur Aviv

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 05 – “Jaipur Aviv” While the gang helps Schmidt & Cece remodel their fixer-upper, Jess spearheads a vote to let Reagan eventually move back into the loft. Meanwhile, Nick and Winston make a revealing discovery and Schmidt and Cece learn the art of compromise.

New Girl S06E04 Homecoming

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 04 – “Homecoming” In a crossover episode with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jess and friends visit New York, where she meets that series’ Det. Jake Peralta, helps out on a case and has an interesting encounter with two from the 99th Precinct. Meanwhile, Nick and Winston have trouble coming up with […]

New Girl S06E03 Single and Sufficient

New Girl Season 6 , Episode 03 – “Single and Sufficient” When Schmidt and Cece and Winston and Aly invite Jess on their couples glamping trip, members of her singles-only group tag along. Meanwhile, Nick struggles with the next chapter of his New Orleans-set novel after Schmidt gives him “no notes”.

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