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Nightwatch S03E07 105 and Rising

Nightwatch Season 03, Episode 7 – “105 and Rising” On a hot and humid New Orleans night, there’s no escaping the temperatures as tempers rise and violence swells. The police chase two armed carjacking suspects, while Keeley tends to an injured young family in a car accident. Titus and Dan answer a call from a […]

Nightwatch S03E06 Southern Comfort

Nightwatch Season 03, Episode 6 – “Southern Comfort” As Titus says “When one of us gets hurt, we feel like all of us hurt.” In New Orleans on the Nightwatch, every call isn’t just about a victim whose life is in danger, or even a criminal who is breaking the law. It’s about serving people. […]

Nightwatch S03E05 Heroes Among Us

Nightwatch Season 03, Episode 5 – “Heroes Among Us” Not all tragedies are created equal and tonight, when the men and women of New Orleans get word that one of their own has been seriously injured, they all reflect on the risks they take. Other calls during the night mirror that reality. A small party […]

Nightwatch S03E04 We Give Thanks

Nightwatch Season 03, Episode 4 – “We Give Thanks” Every night, the members of the Nightwatch are reminded in new ways to be thankful for what they have. Titus and Dan resuscitate an overdosing drug user just before all hope is lost. Brooke and Landon tend to a young girl with congenial heart failure. Later, […]

Nightwatch S03E03 The Ties that Bind

Nightwatch Season 03, Episode 3 – “The Ties that Bind” Working together for years has turned Titus and Dan into great friends. On their shift, they come across people who are the victims of crimes perpetuated by those close to them. On calls like these, when they become more than just emergency medical technicians, they […]

Nightwatch S03E02 Pride

Nightwatch Season 03, Episode 2 – “Pride” In a night filled with multiple shootings, Holly and Nick must search for a gunshot victim that has gone missing. Meanwhile, Titus and Dan tend to a man stabbed multiple times. Keeley is heartbroken about the shooting tragedy in Orlando and is intent on participating in the city’s […]

Nightwatch S03E01 New Beginnings

Nightwatch Season 03, Episode 1 – “New Beginnings” In the Season 3 premiere, The team celebrates the opening of its new headquarters, finally complete after 10 years of working out of trailers. Meanwhile, Titus has his own new beginning as he’s received his paramedic’s license and he and long-time partner Dan must adjust to their […]

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