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Outlander S02E13 Dragonfly in Amber

Outlander Season 02, Episode 13 – “Dragonfly in Amber” The Season 2 finale flashes forward to the present, where Claire reveals the truth to her daughter, Brianna, while in the 18 century, the Battle of Culloden arrives and Jamie pulls out all stops to save his loved ones.

Outlander S02E12 The Hail Mary

Outlander Season 02, Episode 12 – “The Hail Mary” Jamie pulls out all stops in an effort in turn the Jacobite army away from impending slaughter, while Claire comforts the ailing Alex Randall; and Alex devises an outrageous plan to save his child’s mother.

Outlander S02E11 Vengeance Is Mine

Outlander Season 02, Episode 11 – “Vengeance Is Mine” Jacobite leaders decide to halt the march on London and send Claire and the Highlanders up north, where a troop of redcoats is making trouble for the Scots.

Outlander S02E10 Prestonpans

Outlander Season 02, Episode 10 – “Prestonpans” Jamie relies upon Claire’s knowledge of history to lead the Jacobite army into a crucial battle; Claire is reminded of the true cost of war as she attends to the dead and dying.

Outlander S02E09 Je Suis Prest

Outlander Season 02, Episode 09 – “Je Suis Prest” Claire and Jamie reunite with the Lallybroch and MacKenzie men during training; Jamie and Claire wage personal battles; an Englishman arrives in camp with new information.

Outlander S02E08 The Fox’s Lair

Outlander Season 02, Episode 08 – “The Fox’s Lair” Claire and Jamie call upon Jamie’s grandsire, Lord Lovat, in an attempt to elicit support for the Jacobite cause. However, a visiting Colum MacKenzie has other plans, and Lord Lovat’s manipulative machinations ensure that no matter what, his own interests will be served.

Outlander S02E07 Faith

Outlander Season 02, Episode 07 – “Faith” Doctors at L’Hopital des Anges attempt to save the lives of Claire and her unborn baby; King Louis asks Claire to judge two men accused of engaging in the dark arts.

Outlander S02E06 Best Laid Schemes

Outlander Season 02, Episode 06 – “Best Laid Schemes..” Jamie and Claire use Claire’s medical knowledge to devise a scheme to stop a deal which could fill the war chest. When Claire learns Jamie has gone back on his word, the couple is met with dire consequences.

Outlander S02E05 Untimely Resurrection

Outlander Season 02, Episode 05 – “Untimely Resurrection” Jamie and Claire reunite and attempt to extinguish the fires, but Claire undertakes an unexpected change of course and their relationship is put to the test by a past event that comes back to haunt them.

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