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The Challenge

The Challenge S28E14 Split Decision

The Challenge Season 24, Episode 14 – “Split Decision” We get to the bottom of all the challenge rivalries when the 16 top competitors reunite LIVE on stage to get their last digs in. Hosted by Jonny Moseley.

The Challenge S28E10 Digging Your Own Grave

The Challenge Season 28, Episode 10 – “Digging Your Own Grave” When one team tries to keep an alliance under wraps, their exposure threatens to derail trust, friendships, and families within the Challenge house. Pairs must prove they can think like their partners when their lives depend on it.

The Challenge S28E08 Stand by Me

The Challenge Season 28, Episode 08 – “Stand by Me” A late-night incident threatens to turn physical; and the contestants are taken aback by the serious implications. In other events, the cast is pulled into a last-minute challenge.

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