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Timber Creek Lodge

Timber Creek Lodge S01E06 Not My First Hall Pass

Timber Creek Lodge Season 1, Episode 6 – ”Not My First Hall Pass” Mark reveals incidents from his past that shock homesick Jenna. Wealthy Texans want a “Lone Star” experience at Timber Creek Lodge and insert themselves into the staff’s personal lives— pushing Mark to his limit and to cross professional lines, putting the future […]

Timber Creek Lodge S01E05 Prickly Like A Cactus

Timber Creek Lodge Season 1, Episode 5 – ”Prickly Like A Cactus” Tensions surround Nikita, forcing Jamie to reach out to Joey Gibbons for a solution. Also: Overworked Louise hits the breaking point when the staff hosts two separate groups of guests, and everyone races to keep rockers isolated from a wholesome family; Cynthia and […]

Timber Creek Lodge S01E04 Resting Chef Face

Timber Creek Lodge Season 1, Episode 4 – ”Resting Chef Face” Mark and Jenna face the consequences of using the lodge for extra-curricular activities. Meanwhile, Los Angeles fashionistas arrive and test the staffers with last-minute demands, and Nikita stirs up tension by refusing to be a team player.

Timber Creek Lodge S01E03 Dont Poke The Bear

Timber Creek Lodge Season 1, Episode 3 – ”Dont Poke The Bear” After the guests are unimpressed with lunch, the pressure is on for Nikita to make a flawless family-style Italian feast for award-winning caterer, Andrea, and her family. Trying to prove himself in a leadership role, Jamie struggles to keep the standards of the […]

Timber Creek Lodge S01E02

Timber Creek Lodge Season 1, Episode 2 – ”The One Night Stand That Wont Go Away” The staff has found their groove and everything is going well until Katy gets bad news from home, forcing her to make a tough decision. With the Bachelors gone, everyone takes advantage of their first night off and secrets […]

Timber Creek Lodge S01E01 A Hint of Nuts

It’s all play and some work at Timber Creek Lodge where viewers will go behind the cabin doors of a five-star mountain retreat to see the on-and-off duty shenanigans of the staff working around the clock to provide the ultimate winter vacation experience to the privileged class. Timber Creek Lodge Season 1, Episode 1 – […]

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