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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules S05E10 Summer House Rules

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 10 – “Summer House Rules” Stassi continues her birthday trip at a Montauk clambake, where Katie finds Stassi potential new bachelors and Scheana and Kristen commit some seafood faux pas. Lala finally resurfaces to explain her disappearance, but Lisa isn’t buying her wild lies. Ariana celebrates her birthday with Sandoval […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E09 The Talk of Montauk

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 09 – “The Talk of Montauk” Sandoval, Schwartz and Jax vow not to let Lala’s no-show ruin Ariana’s rowdy, NASCAR birthday weekend in Sonoma. Meanwhile, Stassi’s Montauk birthday trip is off to a rocky start when she breaks down in tears over her recent split, and Katie and Kristen fail […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E08 No Show

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 08 – “No Show” After a vicious fight with Stassi and Katie, Scheana must decide whether she’ll still go with them on Stassi’s birthday trip to Montauk. Meanwhile, Lala begins to dread Ariana’s Sonoma birthday trip when she learns she’ll be stuck in close quarters with Jax. Finally, Lisa must […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E07 The Sociopath Test

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 07 – “The Sociopath Test” Scheana and Kristen throw a surprise party for Shay and Carter, but Scheana gets surprised when Stassi and Katie attack her for sympathizing with Lala. Later, Jax reveals himself to be a certifiable sociopath on Stassi’s podcast. Finally, Lisa gives Brittany advice on how to […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E06 Pride

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 06 – “Pride” When terrorism strikes the Orlando gay community and threatens West Hollywood, Lisa puts her own safety aside to ride in the Pride Parade, rally SUR, and bring the community together. Meanwhile, Tom’s jealousy over Ariana’s bartending book sparks the nastiest fight of their relationship. Stassi plans a […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E05 Cold Feet

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 05 – “Cold Feet” Katie and Schwartz take a trip to scout their wedding venue, but when Schwartz shows signs of cold feet, Katie hits him below the belt. Meanwhile, Tom takes Ariana on a romantic date but discovers that he wants marriage and kids more than she does. Later, […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E04 Thirsty Girls

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 04 – “Thirsty Girls” Scheana tries to please Katie and her bridesmaids by shutting down Lala’s attempts at friendship. Also, James’ pageant-queen girlfriend arrives for the summer, but the fun is fleeting; Katie discovers that Schwartz secretly seeks therapy; and James’ job is jeopardized.

Vanderpump Rules S05E03 Call it Like I See it

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 03 – “Call it Like I See it” Stassi, Scheana and Kristen are all asked to be a part of Katie’s bridal party, but Ariana is left out in the cold as a result of her friendship with Lala. Meanwhile, Schwartz serves up Jax and Sandoval a spicy revenge for […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E02 What Went Down

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 02 – “What Went Down” Lisa organizes a huge dog charity event with the help of the SUR staff and Katie on board as her assistant. Later, Brittany threatens to leave Jax for spreading rumors of her sexual encounter with Kristen all over SUR, and James embarks on an “Apology […]

Vanderpump Rules S05E01 Summer Bodies

Vanderpump Rules Season 05, Episode 01 – “Summer Bodies” Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR Restaurant is hotter than ever, but the conflict within her staff is at an all-time high when Jax jeopardizes the best relationship he’s ever had after spreading a shocking rumor involving his girlfriend Brittany and Kristen. Meanwhile, Stassi rallies the girls against James […]

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